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THURSDAY 14th MARCH at 7.30pm
























The Old Oak is set in a small town near Durham, whose focal centre is the pub, THE OLD OAK which is a special place.  Not only is it the last pub standing, but it’s also the only remaining public space where people can meet in a once thriving mining community that has now fallen on hard times after 30 years of decline.  TJ Ballantyne (Dave Turner) the landlord hangs on to The Old Oak by his fingertips, and his predicament is endangered even more when the pub becomes contested territory after the arrival of Syrian refugees who are placed in the village without any notice.     In an unlikely friendship TJ meets a curious young Syrian Yara [Ebla Mari] with her camera.   Can they find a way for the two communities to understand each other?  So unfolds a deeply moving drama about their fragilities and hopes. 

WHY SEE THIS FILM? Ken Loach may not always be a bundle of laughs but he’s always got something important to say. And at 86, he has declared that this is his last film.

“A lot could be said about The Old Oak’s beautiful cinematography, excellent acting, and marvellous directing, all of which make this story come to life, but what really stands out the most in the film is the humanity that shines throughout. It is a beautiful reminder of what a community is and can be, regardless of country of origin, religion, or skin colour.”


The doors and bar open at 7pm and the film commences at 7.30pm, with one interval when the bar will be open and ice creams sold. There is no charge to see the film, but entrance to the hall will be by purchasing a Raffle ticket on the door for a raffle prize that will be drawn at the showing.


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